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  • "It is with enthusiasm that we would recommend Allison to others in need of dog training. Her professionalism and down-to-earth approach make working together with her a pleasant and successful endeavor."
    - Dan & Kathy A.
  • "Allison is wonderful; we can't say enough about her. She is incredibly responsible, totally dedicated to her career as a trainer, and fun to work with."
    - Pam & Rob M.
  • "You helped us take this dog, who got off to such a very bad start in life, and who now has a whole new life, and a new future."
    - Amy
  • "Thanks SO much for finding, training and loving Roxy. She's so nice and well-behaved and I have so much fun with her."
    - Alyssa
  • "I wanted to touch base and say thank you for your solutions and encouragement with my aussie pup Ellie. In November, I thought she would bite the legs off anyone who came near but now after employing your strategy in some areas she has mellowed and is much more manageable."
    - Karen M.
  • "We wanted to thank you for your time and attention in training our masters. They are starting to get the hang of it and we are feeling more comfortable. Also, thank you to your pack for helping out!"
    - Buddy & Jada

Dog training & behavior modification

We proudly offer humane dog obedience/behavior modification training to families (human and canine) since 1999. We have the experience and training you can trust. Give us a chance to help the entire family. Your dog can be your "Best Friend" again with a little guidance from the experts at Canine Solutions.

Why you should choose canine solutions?

  • Humane dog obedience and canine behavior modification
  • Helping families of Denver, Colorado since 1999
  • Experience - Allison has been training family dogs, search and rescue dogs, high level obedience dogs, dual purpose police dogs (patrol and narcotics), therapy dogs, service dogs and schutzhund dogs since 1988
  • Customized training programs for you and your canine companion
  • Fun and informative classes for the entire family
  • We teach you how to train your dog

We are dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best quality dog training and behavior modification around. You and your family are instrumental in the training program... from the beginning stage (planning), the training stage (modify old behaviors and teach new desirable behaviors), and the reinforcement stage (well on your way to a good dog).


"Remember, if you treat your dog like a human, he has the right to treat you like a dog."

- Allison Henry