At Canine Solutions, we spend a lot of time helping an owner understand dog behavior. We then apply this knowledge to the owner's dog and together; we plan our response to the unwanted behaviors we wish to change, we teach new behaviors and we continue to mold and shape desirable behaviors. By enlightening and educating the owner, we empower them to deal with any future problems early on, before their dogs’ behavior gets to a frustrating or dangerous level.


Remember, just like humans, all dogs are individuals and each family has varying requirements of their dog. Keeping that in mind, we at Canine Solutions, adapt our training techniques and style to each individual dog. The dog does not have to conform to our "typical way" of training because there is, no "typical way". By customizing every training session to the dogs’ personality he; learns much faster, he bonds with his family much quicker and becomes an eager participant in the training sessions, even if that was not his intent at the start of the sessions. Our ultimate goal, after our active involvement in the training has ended, is for an owner to have the knowledge and confidence to continue the productive exchange with their dog. Hopefully we have helped the owner and their dog truly become "man's best friend" again.